50 Reasons to Vote Blue in 2024

Peter McClard
6 min readApr 30

Normally, I wouldn’t care how you voted and I don’t want you to care how I voted either. I don’t really enjoy giving blanket advice on voting but at this point I feel I have no choice because the actual purpose of voting and the mechanisms of voting in America are being subverted at an alarming rate and there is really only one solution—nip it in the bud before it’s too late. In order to achieve this essential goal, a firm majority of Americans will need to skip the now-currupted and decrepit Republican side, up and down every ballot from dog catcher to school board to local, state and national representatives to President. Just one time.

We can get back to normal voting later but for now we have a collective mission—Save Democracy! Of course, there will be many that simply don’t care or more likely, don’t understand the value of Democracy and so will be more cavalier about threats to it. There will be yet others that will dip into the tired trope “We don’t live in a democracy but a Constitutional Republic” even though in every election EXCEPT President, from mayors to governors, etc., we are 100% popular vote wins, the very definition of democracy. If you are in a very zealous minority and feel your values are being encroached upon and overridden by the Woke Mob you will also easily justify your “righteous” side lording your views over the misguided masses and so will welcome any efforts to keep them from winning—at all costs.

I wouldn’t even be recommending this if I didn’t think we had a chance because of the following:

  • Young people are more engaged than at any time in history
  • Women are more engaged than any time in history
  • Demographics are rapidly shifting to support a needed Blue Wave

I also wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t fear the consequences of not taking care of this situation NOW:

  • Permanent gerrymandering and suppresion to allow politicians to choose their constituents instead of the other way around.
  • Permanent loss of majority rule and collective control over our destiny.
  • Strong moves toward a dystopian theocratic autocracy enforced at the barrel of a gun by an overbearing police state.
  • A chance to slip so far behind in fighting…
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