Don’t Tell Me What God Thinks!

Whenever I hear someone say anything about what God’s plan is, what God thinks, what God did or is going to do, or what God is like I know I’m dealing with a slightly delusional person. Even worse, this person, to me, is pouring insult into my ears, reducing my Omniscient version of God down to a level that is about Infinity Levels below Their pay grade—which is zero dollars for infinite value.

I will say before I go on my rant, there is a Humble way to represent one’s feelings and intuitions about God that does not offend me such as, “God works in mysterious ways.” And I am not saying God does not care about us on some level beyond our comprehension. But if you characterize or anthropomorphize God’s “thought process” or “emotional state” in a way that is absolute or dogmatic I will think you bonkers and completely out of your league—basically making shit up.

Before opening your God-knowing yap why not stop for a moment to appreciate the work your Creator has wrought? First you have to learn a little science, starting with Astronomy, because you need to know where we fit in here on Earth, invisible creatures on the surface of a planet itself that quickly becomes invisible before you even leave our Solar System shortly after it appears the size of this period in the sky → . ← Do you see yourself in that period? Look at it closely. That’s the Earth. Can you see America? Just a little farther and the Sun is the same size too! In fact, if you were staring at the whole Milky Way and trying to see the Earth from above it, it would be the same as if you were on the International Space Station and tried to see a DNA molecule inside a hand on the surface. Good luck with that. That’s just the Milky Way and there are billions of Milky Way’s out there at unimaginable distances. So you are going to sit there and tell me how the Creator of all those galaxies and super massive black holes bigger than our Solar System has tuned into your beyond microscopic mind and “filled you in” on Their latest and greatest plans or actions?

Then take a moment to study Math, Physics and Chemistry so you can learn how small and to what level of Detail the Creator works and you will find a Fractal of ever-vanishing particles and waves that come and go in and out of existence 295 hours a day every day for Eternity (some planets have 295 hour days). Yet you are going to pretend the Master Controller and Maker of all those details has decided, of all the Octillions of beings in the Universe, to stop and explain to you Their “big idea” or drop a pearl of Wisdom on you?

Think about it. If you were God and could create little microscopic, invisible beings, why would you mess with them? What fun is that? Are you sadistic? It’s much more satisfying to endow them with some of your Godness and see what they do on their own, in complete freedom. That’s true Love—sharing. It’s so dull to know the outcome and just make it so, like playing the same song for Eternity, even undermining your own God powers to not be bored or to be surprised or to marvel at the wonder of it all. Why would God bore Themselves carrying out some exact plan that they knew every detail of ahead of time? That’s like watching paint dry. Beyond boring—dead!

Now, I’m not saying that on occasion, very rare occasion, God can’t “scale WAY down” and put Themselves in some form that can be understood by humans and perhaps even speak to them. Who am I to say this is impossible? But YOU are almost certainly not the recipient of such exquisitely rare personal messaging by The Creator. Even if you were, it is just as likely you were interacting with a “representative” of THE GOD, very far down the chain of beings and weren’t getting a “direct line” to the Maker of the Universe. You wouldn’t know the difference, believe me. It’s God to you! But even in this exceptionally rare case, you can’t share this personal experience with any other person who is not likewise “jacked in.” Unless you are glowing with a halo of holiness with bright shiny sparkles in your eyes, don’t tell me what God or Their Messenger said to you. They must tell me also. If you do have those exceptional Prophet qualities, then I will certainly be moved by your words and will heed them carefully. For me, God doesn’t need words. They speak to me in everything I see and hear from flowers and trees to the moon to the flea on my dog’s back. I don’t need your bloated interpretation on top of this.

But no, we have billions and billions of wannabe prophets all sharing the “Word of God” as though they were personally schooled and admonished by the Ultimate Master of Cosmic Reality, telling us how to behave, what to think, what to eat, who to love, when to pray, where to pray and all manner of prescriptions for our lives and afterlives. Nothing tells you this is more delusional than the sheer number of differences of all these beliefs. They can’t all be right, right? Only yours is right. You are the chosen one. Your people are the special ones selected for The Message, not those other guys. Don’t listen to them. You won the God lottery!

Guess what? Everybody won the God lottery. Every person, plant and animal. You don’t get to pick which ones are special or chosen. That’s WAY above your pay grade. There is zero chance that YOU have been selected to tell others who God likes or doesn’t like. You don’t have that badge handed to you from an Angel, an Archangel, a Cherubim or a Holy Prophet, let alone Their Infinite Boss. You don’t even listen to the words your God supposedly left you,” Judge not, lest Ye be judged!” Don’t even get me started on the Hypocrisy of interpretations of written, and rewritten and translated and re-translated accounts of Holy Encounters. You can’t even follow simple ancient instructions from a Book AT ALL, so you are going to dare tell me what God thinks or plans today? That’s just nutty.

Even among those that supposedly share the same source book of God’s Word, such as the Bible, you will find hundreds, perhaps thousands of unique interpretations of various translations written by men. We have Jewish, Reform Jewish, Hasidic, Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, 7th Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Jehovah Witness, God Loves LGBTQ, God Hates Fags, Unitarian, Jeffersonian, Jesus Freaks, etc. And sub-sects of these as well. I’m no master of logic, but something tells me they can’t all be right at once. Women can’t be priests. Women can be priests. Communion is symbolic. Communion is transubstantiation. Baptism with a cross of Holy Water on forehead with a finger. Baptism by full submersion. So which is it? Which is right? Yours, of course. My best guess is they are ALL wrong, statistically speaking. It’s very random and mostly depends on your upbringing and location. This is religious tribalism, not knowledge of God. And so it goes with each major Religion on Earth and probably other planets too. Sorry, you can’t all be right, but you CAN all be wrong or mostly wrong.

Even more preposterous than telling me what God thinks, acting on your beliefs in the general public in ways that negate others, belittle them, denigrate or harm them, even up to death. This shows an abject narcissism that is so ridiculously wrong that you had better hope God doesn’t exist to bring you back as an loathsome, humble earwig in your next life. God will let you know directly when They need your help. Until then, keep it to yourself and within society’s tangible and rational laws. People who act on God’s behalf are completely delusional.

Sure, be inspired by God, by Love, by Wisdom of the ancients. Learn from parables how you might be a better person, a better parent, neighbor or citizen but don’t tell me God told you. They didn’t. God doesn’t speak English, Italian, Latin, Arabic, Russian, Chinese or Farsi. If anything, God speaks ALL languages in the Universe at the same time, including all animal languages, all musical and symbolic languages and most you’ll never comprehend in this life. Running a Universe doesn’t leave a lot of time for chit chat with the microbes. Go ahead, spread the word to that bacteria in your gut right now. See how ridiculous that sounds? And you are a LOT closer to the size of a bacteria than you are to the size of the Milky Way, let alone the Universe.

Quite honestly, you likely don’t even know if God exists and you certainly don’t know Their Name, if They even have one. It’s not like you were at a convention and They walked up to you with a nametag that said “G O D.” I have every reason to believe God exists. I’ve had many mystical experiences and felt The Presence of the Great Spirit—from a bird letting me know everything is going to be OK after falling down a mountain to Majestic experiences of Infinite Grandeur while tripping on mushrooms. Others too have had such personal experiences and even miracles. But I never take my personal experiences and force them on others or judge them as an arbiter of God. Quite the opposite. My experiences have made me humble, grateful and want to Love others unconditionally.

So I forgive you for your errant, misguided ways, you God talkers out there. I know why you do it. It makes you feel good and powerful and connected to The Almighty. But please, if you learn anything from your God, learn Their Silence. If God doesn’t need to say it, you sure don’t need to say it for Them.




As a creative type, entrepreneur and philosopher, I write on many topics and try to offer solutions to, or useful insights into societal problems.

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Peter McClard

Peter McClard

As a creative type, entrepreneur and philosopher, I write on many topics and try to offer solutions to, or useful insights into societal problems.

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