Let’s Say Gay

Peter McClard
9 min readJun 3


Homosexuals have always existed. For whatever reasons, biological, environmental or societal, it’s not perfectly understood why nor does it particularly matter. If you don’t like that fact, take it up with your Creator. Any given population where we try to get the numbers and where folks can answer honestly we end up with about 4–6% identifying as gay or lesbian and the other 96–94% as heterosexual. Let’s call it 5%. Multiply that times 8 billion people and that’s approximately 400 million gay folks on Earth, like it or not. More than the population of the United States, yet only 5% of the world’s people. Now there will be those that look at modern trends and say Gen-Z has a much higher percentage identifying as LGBTQ+ and so are disturbed by that trend but you need to actually dig deeper. It turns out, the exact same historical number are in the “LG” portion but the B portion is higher than before. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see they are a more honest and open generation about girls who sleep with boys, also kissing or messing around with other girls in high school or college—thus B. No surprise there since their generation of porn-spoiled boys are somewhat intimacy-dysfunctional and not as socially skilled as previous generations. Let’s not forget that a lot of porn indulges the fantasy of two girls and a guy or two guys and a girl which is by definition sort of Bi so it’s been “normalized” in the digital age. Yet the folks who are born NOT attracted to the opposite sex remains somewhat fixed and constant throughout History. Personally, I’m all for people being who they are, being honest with themselves and being accepted for how they were born and feel about such fundamental things as attraction, and love, and the pitter patter of their hearts. I’m all about Unconditional Love. Sorry if you don’t like that.

We have no shortage of very important and gifted historical figures who were/are gay and of course due to the stigma of previous generations, most suppressed themselves and pretended not to be for fear of shunning and worse so there were likely many more. You can Google it and find the likes of Alan Turing, solver of secret Nazi codes, Elton John, brilliant musician, Tim Cook, Oscar Wilde, Stephen Sondheim, Andy Warhol, possibly William Shakespeare and thousands more inventors, scholars, artists, musicians, math wizards, titans of industry, writers…

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