Quit Bashing Woke, Bill Maher!

Peter McClard
6 min readFeb 7

I’m really getting sick of the increasingly hysterical “anti-woke” crowd that is steeped in MAGA talking points on Elite Higher Education, Critical Race Reality, Drag Queen Scene, Gender Benders, The Mask Task, The Vax Tax, and so on down the ultimate snowflake, whiny little bitch list. It’s almost as if they would like to see television return to black and white showing Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best reruns all day. Get a grip people! You are going to be just fine, if only you can learn to chill a bit and stop worrying what everyone else is doing at every moment in every location where you aren’t and that has zero affect on you. Less than zero.

Social Evolution is not always pretty and it doesn’t make everybody happy and comfortable at all moments. It’s not Politically Correct but it tends to work itself out after some bumps in the road. Think back on the way it was with women fully stifled, colored drinking fountains, fat cat sexual harrassers cock blocking the top of the business, entertainment and educational ladders. We’ve come a long way and we have a LONG way to go so toughen up and get to work and quit trying to undo everything and return to some imaginary place where everybody agrees about everything and are on the same page. We don’t and we aren’t. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Basically, take a good look around at the white man’s patriarchal world that is spinning out of control with environmental degradation, greedy profiteering, insider trading, wink wink wheeler dealers, warmongering and macho gun posing everywhere you look. On top of that, LYING is in fashion! Liars abound and they lie about EVERYTHING. The lies become memes and conspiracy theories fueling incessant conflagrations of grievance gimps, negativity know-nothings, woe is me wimps, rigged election weenies, book burning bums, pedophilia projectors, blood letting rubes, medical morons, etc. all the way to Q-anon Stormers and JFK Jr. splitting the ticket. Enough, weirdos, enough!

It would be one thing if it were just the fringy Marjorie Taylor Greene’s and Donald Trump Jr.’s of the world, but now people who should know better are getting in on the bashing, like Bill Maher who has a pretty big platform. Recently he’s been going at it and he has even been attacking college as though college is our biggest problem…

Peter McClard

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