There Is No Written Word of God

Peter McClard
5 min readJan 27, 2024

Of course few religious persons can accept this fact but bear with me while I explain why it is so and why it doesn’t mean there are no written words inspired by God. It is absolutely completely impossible that the Creator of the Universe of which the Earth is but the tiniest mote of dust would do any of the following:

  1. Choose a single foreign Earth language to express the unimaginable thoughts of a Divine, Omnipotent Creator of galaxies, stars and planets.
  2. Allow someone, some microscopic creature to write these down in a way that would be translated, re-interpreted or handed down to future generations in an ambiguous communication.
  3. Allow any group to claim hegemony over the Word of God in a way that was to be maintained by a select few, a Priesthood.
  4. Fail to update the Word of God regularly so each generation felt included.
  5. Leave writings in dusty caves to be discovered centuries later and published by Popes and Kings as His/Their Word.
  6. Create writings that contradicted themselves or were partially to be followed depending on the interpretation.
  7. Leave ambiguous writings in one geographic area of a Planet and not another.
  8. Do all this centuries before printing was invented, sitting around on stone tablets and papyrus waiting for a random person to discover and translate.

If God wrote something down it might be so terrible to behold that it could incinerate entire planets and leave no questions as to the origin. It would be in a written language so beautiful that upon seeing it one would begin weeping with awe and instantly understand its words as pure meaning burned into one’s heart and mind, no translation nor interpretation needed. Why would you be expected to endure the Majesty of the Creator directly addressing you in your chosen language? It makes no sense and is far beneath the station of God. It’s hard enough to imagine God speaking to Moses through a burning bush and sort of laser writing Commandments onto stone tablets (which were not carefully preserved for some reason) and then for a man to carry said presumably quite heavy stone tablets down a mountain. Of course if you are the type who can part seas, that’s not a heavy lift. Nevertheless, we don’t have the…



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