Vaccines Are Fantastic—Especially Advanced Covid-19 Vaccines!

Peter McClard
9 min readNov 14, 2021


How safe do you think you are right this minute? Depending on what you are doing and even if you are doing nothing you are probably not as safe as you think. It’s almost certain you have participated in numerous slightly risky activities in the last week including:

  • Driving—you could be in an accident or carjacked
  • Exercising—you could be injured or have a heart issue or asthma attack
  • Going on a walk—you could be struck by a bike or car or have a tree fall on you or be struck by lightning or be mugged or fall and hit your head
  • Eating—you could choke or get an allergic reaction or food poisoning
  • Any time—you could have a stroke or heart attack or embolism or seizure or faint and hit your head
  • Hanging out with people in a room—you could catch Covid-19

Before I get into it, congratulations on making it this far through this gauntlet we call life! My wish is for you to have many more years of driving, walking, eating and all that fun stuff we do!

There is no such thing as a 100% safe activity. But there are many unsafe activities. What exactly is safety then? Safety is reducing risk to an acceptable level as we do all the time. We all know those things listed above could happen but we do them over and over all day long accepting the risk to be within our bounds. It’s like rolling dice and eventually one of those things IS going to happen to you after many rolls. Usually you will survive.

Some people like to be more risky and will tempt the dice more than others whether it’s driving faster or drunk or walking during a thunderstorm or eating pufferfish at a sushi restaurant. Others go even further and participate in purely dangerous, daredevil activities or abuse substances. Then there are those who play it safe and try to keep the dice rolls to a minimum but if you go too far that direction it’s probably a bit boring. It’s most common to attempt to strike a happy balance between safety and danger for the optimum life experience. Most of us try at least.

In your life, you have about a 0.9% chance of dying in a car crash. For comparison, your lifetime chances of dying of heart disease or cancer are about 16.7% and 14.9%, respectively. That like rolling a 6 on a single die.

One out of every 440 people in the United States has already died of Covid-19 and the number is growing. Covid is very survivable in terms of “dice”, especially if you are young and healthy. However, survival may cost you dearly both physically and financially so don’t let avoiding death be your only reason to not want to catch Covid. It’s a miserable disease that chokes off your oxygen supply and attacks your whole body. It’s not the flu and it’s not a cold. If you are unfortunate with the dice and end up in a hospital, your odds of dying go way up, especially if you get to the ICU. This is a terrible way to go, folks, and you CAN avoid it almost certainly if you are healthy. You can read endless accounts of the misery of a Covid death or see countless video testimony of both patients and caregivers. They will all tell you to do ANYTHING you can do to avoid this fate. And there is ONE very simple thing that can be done—get vaccinated, avoid dying.

The Covid vaccines are the most advanced vaccines in History and vaccines go back several hundred years (some even say thousands with the Chinese and others). Let’s be real. YOU already have been vaccinated MANY times for polio, mumps, smallpox, tetanus, chickenpox and more, each with a booster. You might not remember but it happened and they are still protecting you to this day. The ONLY difference between these other vaccines and the Covid ones is they have been around a lot longer. We had a serious emergency!

Covid vaccines were developed faster than normal, no doubt. But remember, it was a monumental effort using known methods and they made up for the time by increasing the SCALE of the effort. In other words, more people tested faster all over the world in parallel. Essentially, the same total number of people but in a shorter time so not all that different.

But that’s not all. Because of advances in molecular biology (hello 21st Century!) they were able to get the DNA sequence of Coronavirus very quickly and find ways for YOUR immune system to attack it. This is important. ALL vaccines simply empower your own immune system to do what it already does. Think of it as training for your immune system to recognize viruses as bad and to have the right key to lock it up and demolish it when it sees it. That is all it does.

Please don’t mistake fast for bad. The whole cause of modern civilization is doing things faster. Things that used to take years take weeks or months. Things that used to take weeks (crossing the country) take hours. Computers can do trillions of calculations per second, something that would have taken centuries if done manually. Science and engineering are all about making things happen faster so just because it happens in a biological lab, don’t dismiss it. It’s exactly the same. DNA was only discovered in the 50’s and we can already manipulate DNA directly—but NOT YOUR DNA. Things are moving faster every day and medicine is no exception.

mRNA (messenger RNA) is the form of RNA in which genetic information transcribed from DNA as a sequence of bases is transferred to a ribosome. A ribosome is something in your cells that makes proteins. Your DNA is in the nucleus of the cell, NOT in the ribosome. Your DNA is safe. The ribosome is a miraculous little “factory” that receives instructions from mRNA (all the time even without a vaccine) to make proteins and spit them out. End of story. Beginning of next story.

The Covid vaccines simply tell the ribosomes to make a protein that looks like a part of a coronavirus (called a spike). Humans very cleverly figured out how to quickly make mRNA “instructions” for ribosomes to follow sort of like a player piano roll tell a piano what notes to play. That’s all. Once the ribosome spits out the desired protein it enters your blood as a non-functional little blob of a molecule. That’s all. THEN your immune system does its thing. It sees that protein and goes hey, I don’t like you, I’m going to make something that grabs onto guys that look like you and eats ‘em for breakfast. And it does exactly that—if you have a normal immune system.

So a couple weeks after being vaccinated, after lots of immune training, if a little bit of coronavirus lands in your nose, your immune system is on it like white on rice. The virus doesn’t know what hit it. It goes to enter a cell and BLOCKED and destroyed and peed out later in tatters. Yay, immune system!

It just works exactly as it was designed to work. That should make you happy and with most people it does. But you may have been told all sorts of stuff that has left you questioning my words or those of doctors and experts. I understand and there’s not much I can do about that except tell you to trust the same folks who will put your body back together if you get in a car accident—the doctors. They live to help people and medical school is still really, really hard.

Of all the things you regularly put in your body such as over the counter medicines (many have been recalled over the years), prescription meds, cheeseburgers and fried foods, snacks, alcohol, sodas, salt and more, a small amount of sterile, medical vaccine should not concern you too much, especially if it passed the FDA’s standards which are quite high. When you ingest foods and drugs and drinks it’s in much higher volumes than a few mL of vaccine so you should worry much more about what you put in your body several times every day than what a doctor tells you can save your life and those of your family and friends.

These are the types of BS you may have been exposed to:

  1. Covid is not that serious. FALSE. Even if you fight it off with natural immunity it can linger in your system for months or even years. They don’t know for sure. But your odds of getting a bad case go up with age and weakness of immunity or complications such as obesity or diabetes. Don’t play Russian Roulette with Covid!
  2. The Vaccines are still not 100% safe. TRUE. There is no such thing as 100% safe anything as I said before. The fact is your odds of having a serious reaction to the vaccine are almost nothing, very similar to all other vaccines out there that you have already had. It’s probably more dangerous driving to get a vaccine than the vaccine itself. Well over a billion people have been vaccinated so we would know if there was a major issue. There isn’t.
  3. The Vaccines involve tracking technology. FALSE. This is so ridiculous it’s sad I have to include it. Besides the fact that such technology doesn’t exist in liquid invisible form, anybody can inspect the vaccines under a microscope and they will see nothing but clear liquid and mRNA molecules.
  4. The Vaccines are part of a Satanic “Mark of the Beast” operation. FALSE. This one is really out there but think about it. If a fallen Archangel from the Bible, i.e. Satan, wanted to track you he could figure out an easier way than giving you a safe vaccine made in sterile environments by advanced human labs. He has superpowers after all. Also, the Bible doesn’t mention any such thing and the mark of the Beast appears on your forehead in Revelations. I’d be more afraid of wearing something red covering your forehead since the forehead is mentioned in the Bible.
  5. Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. FALSE. It has been found that the vaccine greatly enhances your immunity, even if you had Covid. Also, who wants to get Covid to get immunity? That’s like wrecking your car to see how good the Emergency Room is. It’s stupid.
  6. I can cure Covid with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and Zinc. FALSE. You don’t want to play that game. Hospitals all over the world tried that early on and it made ZERO difference in outcomes. Who knows, maybe it could help YOU a little but you might need a LOT of help, not a little. Plus they make you sick on their own in the doses you would need. There is NO proof they help and you don’t want to get sick to find out.
  7. New drugs are coming out to treat Covid. TRUE. Pfizer and Merck have created very promising drugs that make the odds of dying much less IF you get them in time and they are widely available. They are not. Here again, reducing odds of dying might not be as great as you imagine if you still get very sick. Also, why trust those drugs if you don’t trust the vaccines? The same people made them both.
  8. Vaccines hurt. Mostly FALSE. My two shots were completely painless and I had low energy for about 24 hours and then was fine. Kids and elderly folks are not whimpering or crying but enjoying the feeling of security that comes with the shots. Who cares if you feel a little pin prick? Grow up!
  9. Doctors are in on some conspiracy. FALSE. As I said, getting into and finishing medical school is very hard. Same with nursing school. Doctors take a special oath to “Do no harm.” Sure, there are some weird doctors who I would never trust but most of them are very serious about patient health and would not recommend anything they didn’t 100% believe to be beneficial. There is no conspiracy of doctors.


Vaccines have been saving lives for centuries and this is no different. These Covid vaccines have already saved millions of lives and prevented countless hospitalizations worldwide. They are well understood, safe and effective and painless to get as well as free! They are the result of decades of research and advances in technology. Don’t listen to non-experts AT ALL. Ignore them. Trust YOUR doctors and do what they say—get vaccinated knowing that all it does is increases your odds of living a Covid-free, longer life and at least eliminate the danger of “hanging out with people in a room,” except if you start a fight.



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