We Are Being Invaded By a Million Poorly-Regulated Militias-of-One

Peter McClard
6 min readFeb 15

I have seen the enemy, and it is ourselves.


Besides being insane for expecting things to change when we we’ve done nothing tangible to change them, we are a heartless and crude society. Not each individual, but our overall society that is incapable of collective action to prevent the daily onslaught of mass murder and mayhem in our streets, our colleges, our grade schools, our grocery stores, our synagogues, our churches, our temples, our dance studios, our clubs, our concerts, our anything, anywhere. Feckless and inept don’t cover it. This is negligent homicide on a mass scale. This is cavalier callousness breeding numbness. This is social decay of the very worst type—the kind that decreases our life expectancy and is bullet by bullet building a Mad Maxx Dystopia that makes the Old West look like a hippie commune.

I’ve known for a long time that our 2nd Amendment is being abused by fear mongers and gun and ammo makers. Ammo is like ink for printers, once you have the printer, the real money is in the consumable—ink. Bullets too are a use-once item and if you make bullets, what you want is as many guns as possible that shoot as many bullets as possible as fast as possible. That’s a win for your business and for the providers of gunpowder chemicals and lead and casing metals. It’s a win for the local gun shops and for Walmart too. There are lots of pigs feeding at the gun trough.

You hear so much weenie bravado about how America protects itself from invasion and no doubt an invader would not enjoy trying to tame the United States populous with more guns than people. That I agree with, but at what cost? The ultimate irony is we have essentially now invaded ourselves from the inside. We are doing the job for our enemies by killing our future selves at an alarming rate. Since John “All You Need Is Love” Lennon was gunned down on his evening stroll, we have killed over 1.5 million of ourselves with guns, and counting rapidly. Are we stupid? Yes. Are we weak? Yes. Are we deserving of our guns? Absolutely not.

We obviously can’t handle our guns. We lack the discipline, the mental health, the social awareness and the criminal justice system to combat this easy access to easy-kill weapons. Yes, we are great at improving guns. We have computers…

Peter McClard

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