We Need More Pro-Semitism

Peter McClard
6 min readDec 20, 2022

I love Jews so much I married one. My kids are therefor Jews even though I am not. I also, like any parent, love my kids so much it hurts so if you hate my kids because their mom is a Jew, we have a serious problem. My kids are Americans and my half of the family landed here in 1720 and fought in every war. My kids are awesome students, tall, good looking, funny and kind. I’m Agnostic and my wife in truth is somewhat atheistic being raised to the age of 18 as a Soviet. But she likes being Jewish. The fact is, growing up I never cared the least who was a Jew and who wasn’t. I’m not even sure I knew my wife was Jewish when I married her but I know I sure didn’t care.

I knew growing up that Hitler was Evil. He looked evil, spoke evil, acted evil, caused endless atrocities and was righteously crushed out of existence by the Allies, a source of pride for me. I never had a single moment of admiration for him or anyone who followed him, though I have extreme admiration for the modern Germans as well as some of my German and Austrian heroes of yore such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Hegel, Kant, Einstein, Leibniz, Freud and many more. Oh right, Einstein was both a German and a Jew. Thus we see how confused and misguided they were. When I see anyone flying a swastika or saying good stuff about Hitler, they go on my very bad list.

I have concluded that All Anti-Semitism is born of insecurity, paranoia and jealousy. Insecurity that one can’t compete with them and they might be inherently smarter or paranoia that there is some vast Jewish conspiracy or jealousy of their ability to survive and thrive against all odds, maintain a highly educated and strong cultural identity and supportive, cohesive communities. These are completely inferior emotions and show such weakness that it’s actually a self-fulfilling flaw—you are dumber and you are less successful because you are insecure and jealous. You seriously need to flip the script to be secure, loving and admiring of Jewish success. It will cost you nothing and make you a better person. It’s the American way of Cultural Acceptance. All are welcome and valued and allowed to lawfully and morally maximize their human potential.

The dullard Anti-Semite loves to blame Jews and some mythical Jewish Cabal for all the problems of the world when in fact most of the world’s problems have little more to do…

Peter McClard

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