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Peter McClard
5 min readApr 15
Besides this, it’s also fully integrated into the flesh of the MOTHER. It IS the mother.

Nobody likes abortion. “Abort Mission” is not a something people generally like to hear unless it means they get to live. Yet we must abort missions all the time for lots of prudent reasons. I don’t even like the term abortion and recommended we change it to a more legal term Do Not Suscitate (DNS) which to me is the moral equivalent of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR). One closes the gate of life on a barely living human. The other doesn’t open the gate of life for a non-conscious, potential human. No harm, no foul.

Mothers are the gateways to Life. She doesn’t have a little gate inside her that someone else controls. She IS the gate. That little pea-sized embryo above resembles any number of other animals on Earth, even chickens and lizards. It’s a biological entity, not a human being. It is fully embedded in and made out of the Mother’s flesh and blood. It is literally a part of her and therefore it IS her.

Besides this, the embryo above lives in unconscious darkness with absolutely no awareness of its existence. Because “it” doesn’t really exist. The Mother does. If you believe in God then you should see this as Mercy. God isn’t about to give human consciousness of being to an embryo in case something goes wrong which in 20% of pregnancies happens naturally as miscarriage. So STOP assigning independent humanity to a body part, a chance growth inside a uterus, simply because sexual intercourse occurred. You might have a case if it looked like a miniature, fully formed little baby with eyes, ears, brain, heart, fingers, etc. but it doesn’t. Not even close because that’s NOT how biology works. That’s obviously not how God works either. If your God is omnipotent then why didn’t They make a fully conscious, mini-human homunculus instead? QUIT trying to improve on God and Nature or outthink them! You can’t and you shouldn’t.

This whole miraculous biological process is hidden far away from prying eyes deep inside the Mother’s PRIVATE parts. Get out of there! You don’t belong. Even the Mother can’t see in there. She only feels herself. The anti-abortion movement is one huge violation of women’s Right to Privacy. It’s a violation of her HIPAA privacy, her personal life privacy, her bodily privacy, her doctor-patient confidentiality, everything you have no right to know. It’s absolutely none of your business until a woman decides it’s your…

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