Why Is Your God Is So Weak?

Peter McClard
8 min readApr 9

I love the way people inherit, allow, pick and craft their personal version of God. It’s actually quite fascinating the more one thinks about it and there are lots of reasons to think about it because it comes up every day on social media, in discussions and of course, in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

People LOVE to say what God thinks, what God is going to do, who God is going to punish, who God likes and how God feels.

Unfortunately, most people who believe in God don’t put a ton of thought into it so it becomes a sort of All Powerful placeholder for their own power or lack thereof. After all, with God on your side how can you lose, right? Well, how about someone else who also has God on their side? They can beat you, right? Or wait, is it a tie? Oh, of course, your God is the Real one and theirs is Fake. I see nothing wrong with thinking you have God on your side but you might want to get a better grip on what that even means before you get too excited and do something you regret.


Let’s get a few things straight first just to have some perspective. According to most mainstream religions God:

  • Created the Universe and everything in it—every galaxy, star, planet, asteroid, comet, dust cloud, black hole, molecule, atom, electron, plant, creature, ocean, mountain, etc.
  • Is Omnipotent and therefore can do anything at anytime
  • Is Omniscient and therefore knows everything there is to know about everything including every thought and all future events as well

Yet, God is also touchy feely with each person and also:

  • Listens to each word of each prayer all day, every day from every planet in every galaxy forever and ever
  • Sends personal messengers to interact with the masses and get the message out that God wants them to hear
  • Answers prayers at a breakneck pace and resolves all the conflicts where for example one person is praying for a political candidate to win and another for the same candidate to lose.

All the while there are lots of things God doesn’t seem to do thankfully such as:

  • Appear in person or show off Their godly powers in intimidating ways
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